Jive Turkey: A Deep Dive into the Groovy Slang Term

Yo, dig it! Let’s dive deep into the funky world of “jive turkey,” a slang term that’s as groovy as a bell-bottom and as outdated as a disco ball.

What’s the deal with a jive turkey?

A jive turkey is someone who’s full of hot air, a real phony baloney They’re the kind of cat who makes promises they can’t keep, tells tall tales, and generally tries to pull the wool over your eyes. Think of them as the smooth-talking snake oil salesman of the 70s, all charm and no substance

Where did this feathered friend come from?

The term “jive” has been around since the 1940s, slang for anything from foolish to downright deceitful But it wasn’t until the groovy 70s that “jive turkey” became a thing. Turkeys, known for their gobbling, added to the sense of “jive,” and were often used to insult someone as “dull” or “worthless.”

The Ohio Players put a funky spin on it.

In 1974, the funk band the Ohio Players released the song “Jive Turkey,” which cemented the phrase in the cultural lexicon. The song’s lyrics, with their repeated “Jive turkey, jive turkey,” left no doubt about the meaning of the term.

Jive turkey: A relic of the 70s?

By the 1990s, “jive turkey” was so associated with the 70s that even Homer Simpson used it on The Simpsons, highlighting how out of touch he was. While the term is still recognized today, it’s mostly used for comedic effect. It’s like calling someone a “groovy cat” – it’s a fun throwback, but not exactly current slang.

Who uses jive turkey?

Nowadays, if you hear someone referred to as a “jive turkey,” it’s probably meant in a lighthearted, sentimental way. It’s a means of making fun of someone who’s acting a little foolish or making a throwback to the funky 1970s.

So, there you have it – the lowdown on “jive turkey. ” Remember, if someone calls you a jive turkey, don’t take it personally. To get in the groove, just laugh it off and maybe put on some bell-bottoms and a disco record.


  • Jive turkey jokes are a Thanksgiving staple. Everyone’s got turkey on the brain, so why not throw in a few jive turkey puns for good measure?
  • In movies and TV, “jive turkey” is often used to make a character seem out of touch. Think of Homer Simpson using the term – it’s a surefire way to show he’s not exactly hip to the latest trends.

So, next time you hear someone called a “jive turkey,” you’ll know exactly what it means. And who knows, you might even find yourself using it ironically – just for the fun of it.

Where does jive turkey come from? me.me

The term “jive” was used informally in the 1940s to describe a wide range of actions, from trivial and frivolous to disgusting and dishonest. It was in the 1970s, though, when calling these shady fools jive turkeys became a thing. Turkeys have a habit of gobbling, which adds to the festive atmosphere. They have also been used to disparage people by calling them “dull” or “worthless. ” ”.

Then, the line “Give me it straight baby / Jive turkey, jive turkey / Jive turkey / Wow, wow, wow, wow” appears several times in the song “Jive Turkey,” which was released by the funk group the Ohio Players in 1974. ” No doubt there are some sexual undertones here, with jive also historically referring to sex. The insult jive turkey also appeared on popular 1970s-1980s sitcoms, such as The Jeffersons.

By the 1990s, “jive turkey” had become so widely associated with the 1970s that The Simpsons had appropriated it to make fun of Homer Simpson’s unending ignorance in front of a group of kids. The expression “jive turkey” is so outdated that it’s essentially only used for comedic purposes, despite the fact that it’s still widely used today—there’s even a well-known fried turkey restaurant named Jive Turkey in Brooklyn. Honestly, if you take offense to being called a jive turkey, you probably are one.

Jive turkey Meaning

Is Jive Turkey a slang term?

One of the most famous uses of the phrase is in the 1974 film “Blaxploitation” film “Uptown Saturday Night” starring Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier. The phrase was also used in the popular TV show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” in the 1990s. “Jive turkey” is a slang term with a long and complex history.

Is Jive Turkey a real thing?

Though the term jive turkey is still quite recognized today—there’s even a Brooklyn-based fried turkey store named Jive Turkey, which has quite a few fans—the term is dated enough that it’s pretty much only used for comedic effect. Honestly, if you take offense to being called a jive turkey, you probably are one. Who uses jive turkey?

What is the Jive Turkey song?

The ‘Jive Turkey’ song is a funk track by the band Ohio Players. It was released in 1974 and features lyrics that use the term ‘jive turkey’ in a playful way. The song became a hit and helped to popularize the term in mainstream culture.

What is that Jive Turkey ditched Me Again?

“That jive turkey ditched me again.” Last edited on Dec 05 2012. Submitted by Teri B. from Suitland-Silver Hill, MD, USA on Nov 03 2004 . term for a disliked person. Citation from Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002 film) censored in hope of resolving Google’s penalty against this site.

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