Ranking Of Countries That Produce The Most Beef (USDA)

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USDA forecast for 2021

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) forecasts that global beef production in 2021 could rise by 2% to 61.5 million tonnes. This is based on the USDA’s current forecast of global beef production this year of 60.4 million tonnes, which is 2% lower than 2019. The forecast growth in production in 2021 is expected to come as global economies strengthen, consumption improves and supply chains recover following on from disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The 2021 forecast is still slightly below pre-pandemic production levels seen in 2019 though.

In contrary, Rabobank’s latest Beef Quarterly has revised down its global beef production outlook, and forecasts slowing beef demand in a declining economy.

The motto of the future: sustainability

In the coming decades, one of our most urgent challenges will be to feed the world sustainably. Meat plays a pivotal role in this. The use of agricultural land, freshwater, and greenhouse gas emissions all rise as a result of meat production. Producing and consuming meat, dairy, and other protein products in a way that has fewer negative environmental effects is one of the world’s most urgent challenges.

The United States produces 12–13 million tonnes of beef and buffalo meat annually, making it the largest producer in the world. China, the European Union, and Brazil are the next-largest producers, followed by India, Argentina, Australia, and Mexico.

In 2020, the United States was the largest producer of beef in the world, followed by Brazil and the European Union. Those three produced roughly 50% of the world’s beef in 2020, the US alone 21%.

What Country Produces The Most Beef?


With a $66 billion annual revenue, cattle production is the most significant agricultural sector in the United States. 2 billion in cash receipts. Cattle production accounts for about 18% of the $374 billion in projected total cash receipts for agricultural commodities. The United States producing the most, 12. There are approximately 5 million tons of beef and veal in the world. Over the last two decades, the total U. S. beef production has fluctuated slightly but remained stable overall. According to estimates, the United States produces 27 million pounds of beef annually. 54 billion pounds in 2021, up from 27. 15 billion pounds in the previous year.


Second up is Brazil, forecasted to produce 10. 3 million tons. This value was 10. 2 million in 2019 and 9. 9 million in 2018. Specialists predict further growth by 2021: 10. 5 million tons. Several sources predicted that production would decline in 2020, but the Brazilian cattle sector actually set a new record.

European Union

With a total herd of approximately 78 million cattle, the EU is a significant producer of beef and veal. The EU supports its farmers through income support payments. When necessary, the EU also employs a number of market stabilization measures to maintain stable beef and veal markets.

What Country Produces The Most Beef?

The EU produced a provisional 6. 9 million tonnes of beef and veal carcasses will be consumed by cattle in 2019. According to projections, the number of cattle in the EU is expected to reach 28120 (1000 head) in 2021. Three EU members produced half of the beef consumed in the bloc: France (20 8%), Germany (17. 9%) and Italy (11. 7%). About 70% of the EU%E2%80%99s veal meat was also produced in three Member States: the Netherlands (26 4%), Spain (24. 2%) and France (19. 9%).

Population and overall wealth both have an impact on meat consumption. Over the past 60 years, animal protein consumption has increased throughout the world. The world consumed 60. 9 million metric tons of beef.

In 2018, the United States, China, and Brazil were the three countries that consumed the most beef globally. The United States accounted for roughly 21% of the beef consumed in the world Additionally, a sizable portion of the beef produced in the nation is consumed by the American people. More beef is consumed in the US than any other nation in the world. On an annual basis, each person consumed about 58 pounds of beef. This was anticipated to rise over the following years before gradually declining around the year 2021.

Global beef exports could rise

Along with anticipated growth in production, the USDA projects that global beef exports could rise by 3%. Improving economic conditions and recovering foodservice markets are expected to drive demand, with most key exporters seeing growth in shipments in 2021. It is expected that Asian demand will support shipments from the US and Brazil during the year. However, lower production in Argentina and Australia (both driven by producers retaining stock to rebuild their herds) is expected to limit exports from these countries.

In 2020, Brazil was the world’s top exporter of beef and veal. The fastest-growing beef exporters since 2015 were: Argentina (up 259. 6%), Canada (up 42. 5%), Brazil (up 39. 2%) and the United States (up 33. 7%). Sales of beef exported by three nations fell, with India (down -23) 8%), Paraguay (down -8. 8%) and Germany (down -8. 7%).

What Country Produces The Most Beef?

Global beef imports are expected to grow

Global beef imports are also expected to grow but by a more modest 1%, driven by improving foodservice demand It is expected that Chinese beef imports will rise by another 4% in 2021, having increased by a forecast of 21% year-on-year in 2020 However, as producers continue to recover from ASF, Chinese pork production is anticipated to increase in 2021. This may dampen growth in beef imports somewhat.

What Country Produces The Most Beef?

World’s Largest Meat Producing Countries


What are the top 5 countries that produce beef?

The United States produces 12–13 million tonnes of beef and buffalo meat annually, making it the largest producer in the world. China, the European Union, and Brazil are the next-largest producers, followed by India, Argentina, Australia, and Mexico.

Which country produces the most beef in the world?

In 2022, Brazil and the United States were the two countries that produced the most beef globally. The United States, Brazil and China accounted for roughly 51% of the worlds beef production The United States accounted for 21. 7% of the world’s beef production in 2022.

Where does the majority of U.S. beef come from?

The United States has imported 956. 5 million pounds of beef have been consumed so far in 2023, a 2 percent decrease 9% from 2022. Brazil and the United States have both imported the most beef from Canada so far in 2023.

Is the U.S. the largest producer of beef?

The United States produces the most beef in the world, mostly premium, grain-fed beef.

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