What Cut Of Beef Is London Broil?

After being marinated in a liquid mixture with spices and seasoning and then baked, London broil is a piece of meat that is perfectly tender. A decadent dinner made easy!.

For those special occasions, steak is always a favorite of mine because it has such great flavor and is simple to prepare. Try this Best Ever Beef Wellington Recipe, Garlic Butter Herb Prime Rib Recipe, or Garlic Herb Butter Beef Tenderloin Recipe if you want to impress your family.

This decadent, tender, and juicy London Broil will dazzle your family. With this beautifully presented piece of meat, you can’t go wrong. The meat is marinated in a sweet, salty, and spice-infused sauce that will sooth the toughness of the meat and impart SO much flavor to it. Making this London Broil is so easy and takes little time.

Despite its name, London Broil is not always the type of meat that is broiled. Ask your neighborhood butcher or look for the name tag for a London Broil round steak when buying your London Broil. Although this steak initially seems tough, marinating it will make it more tender. After marinating the steak, broil it on high in the oven for a few minutes at a time, flipping it halfway through. Slice the meat against the grain for easier slicing after letting it rest.

The cooking time for each side of this London Broil recipe is only a few minutes. With green beans and potatoes, this can be a full meal. This opulent, perfectly tender London Broil will make your family swoon from the first bite. It is a tried and true favorite!.

What Is London Broil?

London broil was originally made with flank steak, but over time, the name has been used to describe a variety of other lean, thick cuts of beef, including top round. The sirloin or round portions of beef, which range in size from a 1-inch steak to a 4-inch roast, are typically used to market London broil. All of these cuts share the characteristics of being lean and being generally tougher.

Although the consumer may not receive instructions on how to prepare the meat from the label, a London broil should be marinated and cooked at a high temperature. It’s an excellent method for preparing a delicious meal using a less expensive cut of meat.

What Cut Of Beef Is London Broil?

How to Cook London Broil

Traditional marinades for London broil can include anything from a straightforward combination of olive oil, salt, and pepper to a wide variety of ingredients. (In the past, chefs frequently combined seasonings, sauces, and marinades without following a set recipe. ) Marinate the meat for 2 to 3 hours per inch of thickness before cooking.

Grill the marinated flank steak quickly and hotly to a maximum doneness of medium. No matter how long the meat was marinated, overcooking will result in tough meat. Grill a thick roast both directly and indirectly for up to 30 minutes, for a total of 2 to 4 minutes per side. The internal temperature should not pass 135 F.

The steak should be rested after cooking for about five minutes for thinner cuts and ten minutes for whole roasts. Remove the steak from the grill. (Resting enables the meat to unwind and allow the juices to reenter the meat.) ) For maximum tenderness, slice the meat against the grain and serve it in thin strips.

What Does London Broil Taste Like?

Typically a tough cut of meat, a London broil has excellent flavor. It becomes a flavorful steak with a nice beefy taste and tender chew when properly prepared. Since it is marinated before cooking, the flavors of those ingredients will be incorporated.

London Broil Recipes

A London broil begins with a good marinade. The combination of soy sauce, olive oil, garlic, ginger, balsamic vinegar, and honey is a fantastic one to try. This gives it some fundamental flavors that go well with the beef.

Sliced over mashed potatoes, a traditional favorite side dish, or made into fajitas, London broil is excellent. Almost any recipe calling for flank steak can be made using a London broil. The steak can also be slow-cooked for rich-tasting, tender results.

Where to Buy London Broil

In your grocery store’s meat case, you’ll find packages of meat marked “London Broil.” The specific cut of meat can vary from store to store because the supermarket butcher will typically select one cut of meat to offer as a London broil. Just ask the butcher if you’re unsure of the cut.

How to Store London Broil

For three to five days, raw meat of almost any kind can be stored in the refrigerator. It can be kept in the freezer for six to twelve months after being properly wrapped. The London broil will stay safe in the marinade for approximately four days in the refrigerator if you marinate it but cannot cook it that evening.

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What is another name for London broil cut of meat?

Cut. Although modern butchers may refer to top round, coulotte, or other cuts as “London broil,” the term has come to refer more to a method of preparation and cooking than to a specific cut of meat. Originally, “London broil” referred to broiled flank steak.

What is the best cut of meat for London broil?

While typically referring to a flank steak, the term “London broil” can also be used to describe other sizable, leaner, and frequently tougher beef cuts found in grocery stores or butcher shops, such as top round steaks and top sirloin steaks.

How do you cook London broil so it’s not tough?

Top round is frequently offered in supermarkets as London Broil, a cooking technique rather than a beef cut. The top round roast can be stewed, braised, roasted, or slow-cooked.

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