Cured vs. Uncured. Which is Healthier?

Technically, both cured and uncured meat are cured meats. The two are different because of the ingredients used to treat them. Uncured meat is preserved using natural ingredients, as opposed to cured meat, which is preserved using artificial preservatives like sodium nitrite.

I read about uncured meats online and developed an interest in them. When I purchased some uncured hot dogs, I discovered that they tasted very different from the hot dogs I’ve always had. I found the new flavor to be fascinating.

I’ve been including uncured meat in my diet for at least ten years and have discovered that they make a welcome substitution for the flavor of many of my dishes. Continue reading to learn more about how much I learned about both types of meat.

Quite simply, it’s all a matter of how the meats are preserved: Cured meats use chemicals and additives while uncured meats rely on natural salts and flavorings. Cured meats have nitrates. Uncured don’t.

What’s cured meat?

Pederson’s Natural Farms is proud to say that none of its products, whether bought online or in-person, are ever “cured.” “Our uncured ham and bacon are equally delicious and don’t have any artificial ingredients. The USDA labeling regulation specifies the term “cured” as a preposition. These artificial curing agents are known by the USDA as sodium and potassium salts of nitrates or nitrites. Curing is a highly regulated process. We could explain how the cure works scientifically, but we’ll spare you the pointless details. Basically, a packet of nitrite is added to the brine and then injected into the meat during the traditional curing process.

What’s uncured meat?

Uncured simply means that no artificial or synthetic nitrates or nitrites were used to preserve the meat. This helps to keep the meat just that – simpler. Uncured meats are still preserved, but they do so using natural salts and flavors rather than artificial preservatives. Using the natural alternatives available simply makes more sense in our opinion, and fans of our uncured bacon and uncured ham certainly concur.

Why should I buy uncured meat?

Regarding the nutritional value of uncured meats or the advantages of cured options, there is a ton of information and plenty of disagreement on the internet. We’re not here to add to the chorus of voices telling you what to do. Simply put, we produce all of our bacon and ham without curing in order to provide you with premium meats that require fewer ingredients. The nutritional value is slightly impacted because uncured meat has less sodium than cured meat. However, some people are nitrite sensitive or have nitrate intolerance. These additives cause unpleasant side effects in those who have this condition, and many of them have to forgo some of their favorite foods as a result. Since the products from Pederson’s Natural Farms are always uncured, anyone can enjoy nitrite- and nitrate-free versions of the foods they love.

Why doesn’t Pedersons cure our meat?

We don’t cure our meats because it’s not necessary. We made the decision to stay true to you and ourselves. We simply decided when Pederson’s Natural Farms first started that we didn’t want to add chemicals to our products. As a result, we can uphold our promise to you that we will use fewer ingredients. We still preserve our bacon and ham. We just do it a little bit differently. Our process is less invasive to the meat. We use vacuum tumbling to preserve our meats. We add our pork bellies and brine to a large stainless steel tumbler in manageable 2000 lb batches. We then cover the tumbler, create a 20 lb vacuum, and slowly rotate it. This procedure loosens the pork belly’s muscle fibers so they can slowly absorb our natural brine. We think this particular step distinguishes our bacon from other needle-injected goods. It is simply less invasive to the meat. Although we had no trouble making this choice, it does make running our business a little bit more difficult. Uncured meat has a shelf life that is about 30 to 50 days shorter than that of cured meat, which may surprise you. However, we are not grumbling because we are pleased with our choice.

What is the difference between cured and uncured?


Is uncured meat good for you?

There is probably little health benefit to eating uncured meats instead of cured meats because people who consume them are still exposed to nitrates and nitrites.

Can you eat uncured beef?

Raw beef is one of the foods that is most likely to contain bacteria that can cause illness. As a result, medical professionals advise against eating raw beef and other meats.

Does uncured beef need to be cooked?

Unless otherwise stated, the majority of uncured meat is fully cooked when it reaches the consumer. The ham only needs to be placed in the oven, warmed to the appropriate temperature, served, and then enjoyed!

Is uncured better than cured?

The primary distinction between cured and uncured meat is that the former uses artificial preservatives while the latter uses natural ones. Generally speaking, cured meat has a longer shelf life than uncured meat.

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