What Do You Put On A Roast Beef Sandwich?

We all enjoy a good sandwich. A bland tuna salad sandwich to a Texan BBQ slider dish are all included in this broad category, but some sandwiches seem to hold more significance than others.

Your sandwich’s toppings can either make it healthy or push it over the line into the realm of fast food. You can change your weight by making your sandwich a full meal or a light midday snack.

The roast beef sandwich is today’s topic not only because it is delectable but also because it played a significant role in our history.

You see, roast beef has always been the national dish of the UK, and it naturally quickly became a favorite food in America as well.

The problem is that whenever you roast a sizable piece of red meat, you invariably have leftovers, and we’re talking about prime meat here.

Roast beef, when sliced thinly, became a popular sandwich filling that has been enjoyed for at least 200 years!

Although they are always good, roast beef sandwiches are at the top of the sandwich food chain and occasionally they can simply be better.

You already know that roast beef is perfectly fine and that any bun will work, but how can you make a roast beef sandwich that doesn’t taste exactly like an Arby’s sandwich from the 1990s?

We’re determined to provide an insightful response to that excellent question, and our research will have you drooling before we’re through!

Here are our suggested roast beef sandwich toppings, ranging from sauces and spreads to vegetables and cheese, to make your next roast beef sandwich dance to your taste buds.

Stir together the mayonnaise, horseradish and plenty of black pepper in a small bowl. Spread the horseradish mayo over the insides of the bun. Top with the roast beef, cheddar and arugula. Sprinkle the fried onions over the arugula and top with the bun.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving: 412 calories; calories from fat 28%; fat 12.7g; saturated fat 4.4g; mono fat 5.3g; poly fat 2.9g; protein 25g; carbohydrates 52g; fiber 5.6g; cholesterol 5mg; iron 4.2mg; sodium 1122mg; calcium 86mg. Advertisement

Excellent mayo spread for roast beef; a nice variation is chili sauce.

Really good, quick and easy. This is a perfect sandwich for a packed lunch. This will undoubtedly remain in my collection of quick lunches.

This is a quick sandwich that is anything but mundane. The dressing makes enough for at least 4 sandwiches. Advertisement.

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How To Make A Roast Beef Sandwich


What condiment goes with roast beef sandwich?

What are Good Condiments to Use?Mayonnaise. Sea salt and pepper, freshly grated horseradish (yes, you can use it prepared in a jar), Worcestershire sauce. Aioli. Mustard. Chimichurri.

What goes with roast beef sandwich?

What complements roast beef on a sandwich? Traditional roast beef sandwiches typically include cheese and onions, which is how my roast beef sandwich recipe came to be. When combined with a tangy remoulade sauce and home-made caramelized onions, cream cheese is an outstanding choice for a roast beef sandwich.

What cheese goes best on a roast beef sandwich?

Provolone, Swiss, Cheddar, Havarti, Muenster, or Pepper Jack are some popular sliced cheese options for roast beef sandwiches.

What comes on a classic roast beef?

Along with bread, cold roast beef (either deli meat or leftovers from a home-cooked meal), lettuce, tomatoes, and mustard, a roast beef sandwich is also frequently made. However, other ingredients like cheese, horseradish, fresh or powdered chili pepper, and in some cases red onion are also common.

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