How to Cook Kobe Beef Burgers

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@burcinc – I recently learned that Kobe beef is not available in the United States. Cross-bred cows apparently cannot bear the Kobe label, and the only place to find genuine Kobe beef is in Japan. Since the meat that US restaurants advertise as Kobe was clearly not imported from Japan, they cannot be authentic Kobe Though anyone can claim that their meat is Kobe and get away with it because the USDA doesn’t regulate what people call their meat.

Although they may have been made from premium domestic beef, the Kobe beef burgers you’ve had are not actually Kobe beef. I think people are being cheated. burcinc July 11, 2014.

Kobe beef is pricey, but in my opinion, it’s worthwhile. Due to the unique breed of the animal and how it was raised, it does taste better. I think its the best quality of meat out there.

I don’t eat Kobe beef burgers every week, but I do treat myself to them occasionally when I want a delicious, juicy burger. I’ve also had Kobe steak at restaurants, and it was incredible. literally45 July 11, 2014.

I am aware that Kobe beef is of higher quality and has better flavor. However, I doubt I could persuade myself to pay that much for a hamburger. Those who can afford it and don’t mind spending more money on meat that is more delicious should do so. I believe I will continue to consume hamburgers made from regular, high-quality beef.

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Kobe Beef Burgers – Key & Peele


What is the difference between Kobe beef and regular beef?

Wagyu beef is what Kobe beef is, but it can only come from cows that are born, raised, and slaughtered in the actual city of Kobe, in the Japanese prefecture of Hygo.

What is different about Kobe beef?

Both the farm where Kobe beef is raised and the location where the meat is processed must be located in Hyogo Prefecture. On a scale of 1 to 12, Kobe beef must have a marbling rate of 6 or higher. Additionally, it must have a meat quality score of 12 or higher on a scale of 1 to 5.

How does Kobe beef taste?

Wagyu’s flavor is frequently compared to foie gras or butter because it is so rich, tender, and fatty. Each subsequent bite is a little less amazing as the fat coats your tongue and dulls your sense of taste.

What’s the difference between Kobe ground beef and regular ground beef?

Only cattle from Tajima-Gyu, in Japan’s Hyogo prefecture, are permitted to be born as Kobe cattle. Additionally, Kobe cattle must be fed, killed, and processed inside the Hyogo prefecture. Because of this, any meat sold as “Kobe beef” outside of Japan is not the real, original stuff.

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