The Perfect Sauces for Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is a classic elegant dish that is perfect for special occasions. It features tender beef tenderloin wrapped in mushroom duxelles, prosciutto ham, and puff pastry. When made right, the combination of flavors and textures is absolute perfection. However, the right sauce can take your Beef Wellington over the top.

The sauce is an integral part of the overall Beef Wellington experience. It adds moisture and extra flavor to the dish. The choices are endless, so you can get creative and choose a sauce that fits your tastes. From rich and luxurious classics to fresh, vibrant options, there is a Beef Wellington sauce for everyone.

Traditional Sauce Options

Some sauces pair perfectly with Beef Wellington based on tradition. These are elegant sauces that complement the flavors of the dish flawlessly.

Red Wine Sauce

A red wine reduction sauce is one of the most classic sauces served with Beef Wellington. Red wine provides a richness that balances beautifully with the pastry and tender beef.

To make a red wine sauce, you simply deglaze the pan used to sear the beef with red wine. Then reduce it down with some beef broth and finish with butter. The result is a rich, glossy sauce with notes of red fruit and oak. It’s acidic enough to cut through the richness of the dish.

Mushroom Sauce

Mushrooms give Beef Wellington much of its signature flavor in the duxelles filling. So it’s only natural that a mushroom sauce would pair perfectly with this dish.

A simple mushroom sauce starts by cooking sliced mushrooms and shallots in butter. Then a splash of wine or sherry, beef broth and cream are added to create a luscious mushroom gravy. The earthy umami flavors of the sauce mirror those found inside the Wellington.

Béarnaise Sauce

This classic French sauce is made of clarified butter emulsified with egg yolks and flavored with shallots, vinegar and tarragon. It’s rich, creamy and complements beef beautifully. The tart and herbal notes of the sauce provide an interesting contrast to the Beef Wellington.

Horseradish Cream

Horseradish has an unmistakable spicy kick that livens up beefy dishes like a Wellington. Mix finely grated fresh horseradish root into whipped heavy cream for an easy sauce. The cream tames the heat while the horseradish cuts through the dish’s richness.

Bordelaise Sauce

A red wine sauce taken to the next level, Bordelaise also contains bone marrow, chicken demi-glace and herbs. It’s intensely rich and savory, ideal for special occasion Beef Wellington. The luxurious flavors make every bite of the tenderloin even more melt-in-your mouth.

Creative Sauce Ideas

If you want to get adventurous with your Beef Wellington sauce, there are plenty of unique options to try. Get inspired by global flavors and ingredients.

Chimichurri Sauce

This lively green sauce from Argentina makes a refreshing change from heavier red wine or mushroom sauces. It contains lots of fresh parsley and oregano, with garlic, olive oil, vinegar and red pepper flakes. The herby brightness pairs fantastically with the Beef Wellington.

Gorgonzola Sauce

For cheese lovers, a gorgonzola cream sauce is a delightful choice. The pungent blue cheese becomes milder when blended into a velvety sauce with butter and cream. Dolloped over the Wellington, it adds a tangy creaminess to the dish.

Rosemary Port Wine Sauce

Port wine has a sweetness that complements beef’s richness. Cook sliced shallots in butter, then deglaze with port and red wine vinegar. Finish with fresh rosemary, cream and Dijon mustard for complexity. The sweet, tangy and herbaceous notes make for a marvelous Wellington topper.

Green Peppercorn Sauce

With a bracing flavor akin to black peppercorns but more floral and fruity, green peppercorns are fantastic with beef. Make a creamy sauce by simmering chicken or beef stock and cream with bruised green peppercorns. Strain out the peppercorns before serving over the sliced Wellington.

Romesco Sauce

This Spanish sauce contains roasted bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic, sherry vinegar, nuts and olive oil. The smoky sweetness of the bell peppers paired with the bright vinegar and nutty crunch of almonds or hazelnuts makes a phenomenal match for Beef Wellington.

Mole Sauce

For an incredibly unique pairing, try a rich and complex mole sauce. With over 20 ingredients like chiles, nuts, spices, chocolate, seeds, and dried fruit, it offers an explosion of sweet, spicy and savory flavors. The Beef Wellington filling already contains umami flavors like mushroom and prosciutto, so it can stand up to the mole.

Complementary Side Dishes

Beef Wellington is indulgent enough to be the star of the show. But the right side dishes can make the meal feel even more special.

  • Cauliflower mash – Creamy and buttery like mashed potatoes but with a lighter feel
  • Roasted asparagus – Elegant and brings out the green flavors of any herby sauces
  • Braised carrots – Sweet and savory, lovely with red wine or mushroom sauces
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts – Earthy and hearty accompaniment
  • Potato gratin – The ultimate rich, cheesy starch alongside the beef
  • Wild rice pilaf – Nutty flavor and fluffy texture pairs well
  • Saffron rice – Vibrant yellow matches saffron in the sauce
  • Dinner rolls – Essential for sopping up every last drop of the sauce

How to Choose Your Beef Wellington Sauce

With so many fantastic sauce options for Beef Wellington, how do you choose? Consider the following tips:

  • Classic vs. creative – Stick with traditional sauces like bordelaise for a classic French meal or get adventurous with chimichurri for a fun change.

  • Richness level – Rich, glossy sauces like red wine or mushroom match the Wellington’s indulgence. For lighter fare, try Béarnaise or chimichurri.

  • Flavor combinations – Think about complementary or contrasting flavors. For example, horseradish’s heat cuts through the rich beef.

  • Colors and textures – Play with vibrant colors like chimichurri’s green or contrasting textures like gorgonzola’s creaminess.

  • Overall meal – Factor in the sides, appetizers and other courses. For a French-themed dinner, stick to classic French sauces.

  • Personal tastes – Consider your guests’ flavor preferences. Adults often love bold flavors like Gorgonzola while kids may prefer mild mushroom gravy.

The most important thing is choosing a sauce you’re excited about making and eating. With endless delicious options, you really can’t go wrong saucing up your Beef Wellington. The right sauce takes this show-stopping dish over the top.

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What does Beef Wellington come with?

Beef Wellington is usually made as a whole beef tenderloin wrapped in pâte de foie gras and/or mushrooms, rolled in a shortcrust casing, glazed, and baked. It is often served with a Madeira sauce and sliced in thick portions.

What makes Beef Wellington so good?

Beef Wellington is a Beautiful Union of Textures and Flavors At the heart of the beef wellington lies the tenderloin, lightly seared on the outside, succulent and juicy on the inside. The beef is then coated with a mixture of pâté and duxelles.

What is the best puff pastry for Beef Wellington?

For best results, use a high-quality all-butter puff pastry, such as Dufour. Alternatively, make your own using this recipe. Foie gras pâté can be used in place of the fresh foie gras.

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