7 Delicious Side Dishes to Serve with Jamaican Beef Patties

With their crispy golden crust and spiced beef filling, Jamaican beef patties make for a mouthwatering snack or light meal. But what are some tasty side dishes that can round out your Jamaican patty experience? The iconic patties pair wonderfully with a variety of sides that complement and enhance their flavors.

Here are 7 delicious options for side dishes to serve alongside Jamaican beef patties:

1. Rice and Peas

A classic Jamaican side dish, rice and peas perfectly balances the spices in the patty. The rice is cooked in coconut milk with pigeon peas and aromatics like scallion, garlic, thyme, and scotch bonnet peppers. The creaminess pairs nicely with the flaky pastry crust. Rice and peas is a traditional accompaniment for patties in Jamaica.

2. Fried Plantains

Sweet, savory, and crunchy fried plantains are another traditional side. Plantain slices are fried in oil until browned and crisp on the outside while still soft inside. The natural sugars in the plantains caramelize during frying. Fried plantains offer a nice contrast in texture and sweetness to balance the pastry and spiced beef filling.

3. Callaloo

Callaloo makes for an especially tasty vegetarian side dish with Jamaican patties. This stew-like dish is made from leafy greens, okra, garlic, onions, tomatoes, spices like scotch bonnet peppers, and coconut milk. It has a delightful earthy flavor. The greens’ pleasant bitterness pairs well with the bold patties.

4. Johnny Cakes

These pan-fried dumplings made from cornmeal make a handy finger food side. Johnny cakes are crispy on the outside and dense yet moist inside. Their sweet, cornbread-like taste and texture complements the pastry shell and spicy beef filling of the patties. Johnny cakes are easy to eat by hand alongside Jamaican patties.

5. Festival

Another tasty fried side, festival consists of small dumplings made from cornmeal with a touch of sweetened coconut milk. Festival dumplings are fried until golden and crisp. Their natural sweetness from the coconut milk balances the savory flavors of the beef patties. The crispy-outside, fluffy-inside festival texture also contrasts the flaky patties.

6. Mango Chutney

For a flavorful condiment, try mango chutney on the side. Sweet, spicy, and tangy mango chutney served alongside patties can cut through the richness with its vinegar notes. Either homemade or store-bought chutney pairs nicely with Jamaican beef patties. The fruitiness complements the aroma of the patties’ spice blend.

7. Tamarind Sauce

Tart, slightly sweet tamarind sauce makes for a refreshing dipping condiment to have with Jamaican patties. Tamarind pulp is boiled with sugar, ginger, garlic, chiles, and other spices to make a thick, saucy condiment with a unique fruity-sour taste. Cooling tamarind sauce balances the heat of the beef patties’ seasoning.

Beyond these traditional sides, salads, slaws, and fresh vegetable crudites would also pair well with Jamaican beef patties for lighter meals. And don’t forget beverages like tropical fruit juices, Jamaican ginger beer, or an icy Red Stripe beer.

So next time you dig into one of these iconic Caribbean handheld snacks, be sure to serve up one or more of these tasty accompaniments to complete the Jamaican patty experience. The right side dishes can take your patties to the next level!

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