Where is Beef Boss in Fortnite Season 5?

Beef Boss is an iconic Fortnite outfit that is part of the Durrr Burger set. He is the mascot of the Durrr Burger restaurant in the Fortnite universe. In past seasons, Beef Boss has been available as an AI character at The Durrr Burger location on the Fortnite map. However, in Chapter 2 Season 5, Beef Boss is no longer found at The Durrr Burger. This has left many players wondering, where is Beef Boss in Fortnite Season 5?

Beef Boss History and Lore

Beef Boss made his debut in Fortnite Battle Royale in August 2018 during Season 5. He could be purchased in the item shop as an Epic outfit. Beef Boss has the appearance of a burger mascot, with a burger for a head and wearing a Durrr Burger uniform.

In the Fortnite lore, Beef Boss is the leader and mascot of Durrr Burger, a fast food restaurant chain that is a rival of Pizza Pit. Beef Boss and Pizza Pit have an ongoing food war and beef (pun intended) with each other. Their feud has led to various in-game events and changes to their restaurant locations over the seasons.

Previous Locations for Beef Boss

In past seasons, Beef Boss could be found as an AI character at The Durrr Burger location. Here are some of the prominent locations players could find Beef Boss over the seasons:

  • Season X: The Durrr Burger restaurant north of Pleasant Park
  • Chapter 2 Season 1: Retail Row had a Durrr Burger restaurant with Beef Boss inside
  • Chapter 2 Season 4: Stark Industries had a Durrr Burger with Beef Boss
  • Chapter 2 Season 5: The Durrr Burger in Weeping Woods

Beef Boss has shifted around the map with the Durrr Burger restaurant over multiple seasons. Players could visit these locations and interact with the Beef Boss AI character.

Beef Boss in Chapter 2 Season 5

With the start of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, Beef Boss was originally available as an AI character at The Durrr Burger location in Weeping Woods.

However, this changed with the v16.00 update in March 2021. As of that patch, Beef Boss was removed as an AI character from The Durrr Burger. Players could still find the Durrr Burger restaurant itself, but Beef Boss was no longer inside.

This removal of Beef Boss coincided with many hunter NPCs being added to the map for the Season 5 hunters theme. It’s likely Beef Boss was removed to make room for the new hunter characters.

Where to Find Beef Boss Now

With Beef Boss gone from The Durrr Burger in Season 5, where can players find him now? Here are the only ways to see Beef Boss in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5:

  • As a playable skin – Players who own the Beef Boss outfit can select him as their skin to play as Beef Boss. He remains available in the locker for players who purchased him.

  • In creative mode – Beef Boss can be spawned in creative islands using his character item. Make your own Durrr Burger restaurant with Beef Boss inside!

  • As an NPC in Battle Lab – Beef Boss should be available to spawn as an AI NPC in Battle Lab maps.

So while Beef Boss is missing from the main BR island, players do have a couple ways to see him in action. And Beef Boss will likely return to the normal map in a future season when the hunters theme ends.

Theories on Why Beef Boss Left

The abrupt removal of Beef Boss from The Durrr Burger has sparked many fan theories on what happened to everyone’s favorite burger mascot. Here are some popular theories on why Beef Boss disappeared in Season 5:

Kidnapped by hunters

Some think a group of hunters captured Beef Boss and took him away. This could be related to the escalating Pizza Pit/Durrr Burger food war.

Went into hiding

With all the new hunter NPCs roaming the island, Beef Boss may have gone into hiding for his own safety. He could return when the hunter threat is over.

Sent on a mission

Perhaps Beef Boss was sent on an important mission by Durrr Burger management and had to leave the restaurant unattended.

Crossed over into the metaverse

Since this season has a crossover theme, Beef Boss may have journeyed into one of the other reality dimensions. Maybe we’ll see him return with some cool crossover gear!

Beef Boss protest

Beef Boss could be on strike or otherwise protesting his working conditions at Durrr Burger. Standing up for mascot rights!

Whatever the real reason is, hopefully Beef Boss will make his triumphant return in a future season. The Durrr Burger just isn’t the same without him.

Tips for Finding Beef Boss

If you’re on the hunt for Beef Boss in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, follow these tips:

  • Check inside The Durrr Burger in Weeping Woods in case he returns.

  • Look around major NPC locations like Hunter’s Haven and Colossal Coliseum for any sign of Beef Boss.

  • Ask other NPC characters like Cole if they’ve seen Beef Boss or know where he went.

  • Explore rift portal sites since he could show up through a portal.

  • Check the community Battle Lab hub for Beef Boss AI spawns.

-Follow @FortniteStatus on Twitter for any updates about the return of Beef Boss.

  • Equip the Beef Boss skin yourself to play as him.

  • Wait for the next season when he’ll likely return as an NPC.

Beef Boss Skin Overview

Since finding the Beef Boss character himself is a challenge in Season 5, let’s take a look at how you can play as Beef Boss by getting his outfit in the item shop:

Rarity: Epic

Set: Durrr Burger

Price: 1500 V-Bucks

Release Date: August 2018

Item Shop Appearances: 73

This epic skin gives your character the full Beef Boss look – beefy burger head, red and white Durrr Burger uniform, hat, and sneakers.

The Beef Boss skin returns to the Fortnite item shop frequently, so players have plenty of chances to add him to their locker. The skin is normally 1500 V-Bucks, but occasionally is bundled with other Durrr Burger items.

Owning the skin means you can suit up as Beef Boss anytime, even when he’s not available as an NPC on the map.

Playing as Beef Boss

Equipping the Beef Boss outfit lets you fully immerse yourself in his burger-flipping persona:

  • Drop at The Durrr Burger or Tomato Town for the food war backstory.

  • Carry burgers, fries, and other fast food items as you play.

  • Create burger-themed weapon wraps and sprays in creative.

  • Build Durrr Burger restaurants on the map using the phone booth.

  • Use Beef Boss built-in emotes like Greasy and Lunch Break.

  • Respond to other player emotes by throwing tomatoes or burgers.

  • Create your own Beef Boss adventures and scenarios!

Even when Beef Boss himself is out of the game, you can still have fun roleplaying as a burger mascot through the magic of the Beef Boss skin.

The Future of Beef Boss

The mysterious removal of Beef Boss from The Durrr Burger in Season 5 left many unanswered questions about his fate. Hopefully future Fortnite seasons return Beef Boss to his rightful place flipping patties at various Durrr Burger locations across the island.

Perhaps we’ll even see Beef Boss take on a larger role in the lore. He could assemble a burger resistance force to counter the nefarious hunters. Or maybe he’ll journey to another dimension and return with metaverse beef powers!

For now, Beef Boss lives on through his in-game skin and creative mode appearances. And our craving for Beef Boss remains unsatisfied as we hope for his big return. Wherever you are Beef Boss, the Fortnite world needs you back! The island just isn’t the same without your zesty zingers and signature sauce. Come home soon Beef Boss!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Beef Boss Location


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