Where to Buy Dried Beef – The Best Places to Find Quality Shaved Meat

With its intensely concentrated meaty flavor, dried beef makes for a delicious addition to sandwiches, eggs, salads, and cheese boards. But where can you buy high-quality dried beef? While regular supermarkets may lack this specialty item, online mail order companies and specialty food stores offer various dried beef options worth seeking out.

In this guide, learn the top sources for purchasing dried beef and what to look for when buying.

Buying Dried Beef Online

Getting dried beef shipped right to your door is often the easiest route. Here are some reputable online stores that sell dried beef:

  • Stoltzfus Meats – This online Amish butcher shop offers smoked dried chipped or sliced beef slow-cured for 2 days in their Pennsylvania smokehouse.

  • Ulrich’s Meat Market – A specialty Iowa meat shop selling hickory smoked thinly sliced dried beef.

  • Victoria’s Cured Meats – They sell artisanal air dried beef from small family farms.

  • Crowd Cow – This online butcher partners with small farms to deliver dried beef nationwide.

  • Porter Road – The Nashville butcher ships chipped or sliced smoked dried beef in resealable packs.

  • Pat LaFrieda – The famous East Coast butcher offers filet mignon dried beef from their dry-aging rooms.

Online shopping means you can get dried beef from revered producers shipped frozen or refrigerated.

Purchasing Dried Beef at Specialty Retailers

You may also be able to source dried beef from these specialty food stores:

  • Amish Markets – Many Amish stores and markets sell high-quality dried chipped beef.

  • German and Eastern European Delis – Delis specializing in German, Polish, and other cuisines often carry housemade dried beef.

  • Butcher Shops – Independent butcher shops may make their own dried beef in-house. Ask at the counter.

  • Specialty Food Stores – Shops focused on gourmet foods may stock dried beef from artisanal producers.

  • Farmer’s Markets – Check with farms and food stands at your local farmer’s market for dried beef.

The highest quality dried beef will come from specialty food shops and butcher counters, not big supermarkets.

What to Look for When Buying Dried Beef

Here are tips for selecting high-quality dried beef:

  • Bright red color without brown spots

  • Firm, sliceable texture without mushiness

  • Moderate saltiness without being overly salty

  • Smoked, cured flavor without acidity

  • Minimal additional ingredients besides beef, salt, and spices

  • Vacuum-sealed packaging

Avoid dried beef with an ammonia-like scent or foul odors. Freshness is key.

How Much Does Dried Beef Cost?

Expect to pay:

  • $12-20 per half pound for artisanal dried beef
  • $6-10 per half pound for standard commercial brands
  • $15-25 per pound for premium filet mignon dried beef

Price varies greatly based on quality, preparation methods, and beef cuts used.

How to Store and Serve Dried Beef

  • Refrigerate dried beef and use within 1 week of opening.

  • Slice thinly and use in small amounts as a flavoring, not as a main meat.

  • Add to eggs, sandwiches, salads, mashed potatoes, cheese trays.

  • Use in gravies, beef dips, cream cheese spreads.

With intense concentrated flavor, a little dried beef goes a long way!

Where to Buy Dried Beef Conclusion

For the best quality and flavor, look beyond the supermarket for artisanal dried beef. Online mail order from specialty producers or local Amish markets and butcher shops offer premium dried beef worth seeking out. The rich concentrated meatiness makes dried beef perfect for breakfast sandwiches, appetizers, and snacks. With product from revered experts, discover the spectacular taste of proper dried beef.

Frequency of Entities

  • Dried beef: 23
  • Buy: 16
  • Online: 7
  • Beef: 6
  • Specialty: 5
  • Quality: 4
  • Smoke/Smoked: 4
  • Slice: 3
  • Sandwich: 3
  • Flavor: 3
  • Butcher: 3
  • Stores: 2
  • Markets: 2
  • Delis: 2
  • Shop: 2
  • Food: 2
  • Concentrated: 2
  • Refrigerate: 2

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What is another name for dry beef?

Dried beef, also called chipped beef, is beef that has been partially dried, salt-cured and thinly sliced. You can easily enjoy this cured meat as an appetizer, snack or meal. Dried beef has a rich past but is a relatively obscure meat product in most parts of the country today.

Why is dried beef so expensive?

In most cases, dry-aged beef comes with a higher price tag. This price is attributed to two main factors: Reduced yields: Beef undergoes a significant moisture loss during the dry-aging process. As a result, the beef weighs far less than when it first started.

Is smoked beef the same as dried beef?

Smoked meat and dried meat are distinct in their preparation methods and often have different characteristics, though their healthiness can depend on various factors.

How long will dried beef last?

To summarize, here’s a quick takeaway: dried beef can last up to three days once opened without refrigeration if it’s moist jerky and indefinitely if it’s a drier style. Unopened beef jerky can last up to 1 year at room temperature, but refrigeration is optional.

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