Best Places to Buy Wagyu Beef Online in 2023

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What is Wagyu Beef?

Wagyu is served on a plate, and all it takes is one bite to experience true luxury. Its distinctive marbling’s buttery flavor and utter tenderness are all part of this intense experience. The name Wagyu, which translates to “Japanese cattle,” comes from the Japanese language. ”.

What Makes Wagyu Beef Special?

The cows were originally prized for their physical endurance. For 600 days, they are fed a special diet that includes fresh grass, alfalfa, and rice straw. In contrast to a regular beef cow, which costs only $2,500, a Black, Brown, Shorthorn, and Mukaku Wagyu cow can cost up to $30,000. This is to ensure consistency and flavor. Delectable Wagyu beef, despite being praised for its prized fat, has less cholesterol than chicken or turkey.

The Grand Western Steaks A5 Wagyu Beef Experience

Several premium Wagyu selections from 4 different Prefectures are available at Grand Western Steaks, making your next meal or family gathering a special occasion. Discover why this premium cut of beef is cherished around the world for its delectable depth of flavor and exceptional marbling.

Experience Japanese A5 Wagyu & Australian Wagyu

Based on fat marbling, texture, color, firmness, brightness, and fat quality, the Japanese Meat Grading Association (JMGA) assigns a ranking quality and yield to beef. Wagyu beef connoisseurs highly value the tender, creamier texture that comes from greater marbling. The cost of beef increases with the Beef Marble Standard (BMS) score A5 represents the Top Tier on the Japanese scale, which ranges from BMS 8 to 12.

Australian Wagyu is the result of breeding a 100% full-blooded Wagyu Sire and an Angus Dam An F1 Crossbred or First Crossbred Generation is 50% Wagyu Genetics Taking advantage of their reputation and experience in the cattle industry, Australian ranchers introduce the very best genetics through an F2 and F3 crossbreeding with up 87% Wagyu Genetics Under their former Brand “F1,” which they now refer to as Wagyu X, they produced something novel and distinctive for a market searching for something uncommon and exclusive.

Australian beef’s tenderness, juiciness, and richness are determined by BMS in the same way that Japanese beef is. The highest grade on the Australian grading scale is a 9, with everything above it sometimes denoted as a 9.

We take pride in offering you premium quality and cuts at Grand Western Steaks. For the quality meals and culinary experiences you deserve, our butchers are experts at identifying the type of beef, its origins, and how it was raised. We research these benchmarks of excellence so that we can go above and beyond for you.

We provide you with a wide range of high-quality options for all of your envious-inspiring Wagyu experiences. Discover our exclusive Wagyu beef selections for burgers, ground beef, tomahawks, and even filets to make your next BBQ the new benchmark in flavor and tenderness.

A5 Australian Wagyu Beef and Asian Wagyu Beef as the star ingredient will enhance the holidays or any occasion. Along with our outstanding customer service and quick shipping, our exclusive cuts come with certificates of authenticity. Place your order today!.

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