Unraveling Young Dolph’s Beefs: A Look at the Rapper’s Feuds Through the Years

Young Dolph has established himself as one of the biggest rappers to come out of Memphis in recent years. With hits like “Major” and “On the River” under his belt, Dolph has risen to stardom with his unique style and bold persona. However, Dolph’s success has also come with its fair share of feuds and beefs over the years. In the rap game, beef and conflict often go hand-in-hand with fame. For Dolph, his disputes with fellow Memphis native Yo Gotti have been particularly notable.

The Origins of Dolph and Gotti’s Beef

Young Dolph and Yo Gotti’s beef has its origins back in 2014. At the time, Gotti attempted to sign the up-and-coming Dolph to his record label. However, Dolph rejected the offer, choosing instead to release music independently. This would ultimately lay the foundation for the bitter rivalry between the two Memphis rappers.

While the initial failed signing occurred in 2014, things remained civil between Dolph and Gotti for the next couple of years. It wasn’t until February 2016 that the beef started brewing. Dolph took to Twitter to accuse an unnamed “bra” of hating on him after initially being his “#1 fan” and wanting to sign him. Though he didn’t directly name Gotti, it was evident these subliminal shots were aimed at the “Down in the DM” rapper.

Just a week later, Dolph announced his debut studio album would be titled King of Memphis – a crown Gotti had long claimed for himself. To Gotti and his supporters, this was a bold jab and challenge to his throne. The seeds were planted for an all-out war between the two rappers.

How the Beef Escalated

Throughout 2016 and into 2017, tensions escalated between Dolph and Gotti. Though the two artists continued to throw subtle jabs at each other, the dispute really heated up when Gotti’s artist Blac Youngsta got involved.

In March 2016, Youngsta directly called out Dolph in an Instagram video, threatening violence against the rapper for calling himself “King of Memphis.” He doubled down by showing up in Dolph’s neighborhood looking to confront him. Dolph later accused Gotti of putting Youngsta up to these provocations.

Youngsta would go on to release “Shake Sum,” a diss track against Dolph. But by September 2016, Youngsta was declaring the beef over and squashed.

However, Dolph reignited the feud in February 2017 with his scathing diss track “Play Wit Yo’ Bitch,” which took very personal shots against Gotti. Gotti responded days later with his own vague diss track “Don’t Beef Wit Me.”

The beef reached its boiling point later that month when Dolph’s SUV was shot at over 100 times in Charlotte, NC. Dolph escaped unharmed, but many speculated Gotti was behind the shooting.

Attempted Murder Charges

In September 2017, the beef took a deadly turn when Dolph was shot outside a Hollywood store. While initial reports named Gotti as a suspect, the LAPD would later clarify he was not a person of interest.

However, Gotti associate Corey McClendon was arrested and charged with attempted murder, though he was eventually released without charges. The shooting illustrated just how violent the Dolph-Gotti feud had gotten.

Where Things Stand Today

In the years since the 2017 Hollywood shooting, Dolph and Gotti appeared to have put their beef aside. The two Memphis icons focused on their own careers and families instead of restarting rivalries. There were no more diss tracks or violent confrontations.

Sadly, in November 2021, Young Dolph was shot and killed in his hometown of Memphis at the age of 36. His murder devastated the hip-hop community and put an end to one of the biggest rap feuds in recent memory.

While Dolph and Gotti never officially squashed their beef before Dolph’s tragic passing, the violent chapter between the two rappers had seemed to close in the years prior. Both artists’ legacies continue to live on through their many hit songs and lasting impact on Memphis rap.

The Key Figures in the Beef

Young Dolph – Memphis-born rapper who reached stardom with hits like “Major” and “On the River.” Refused to sign with Gotti’s label in 2014.

Yo Gotti – Fellow Memphis native and established rapper who tried to sign Dolph to his label. Engaged in a years-long beef with Dolph.

Blac Youngsta – Yo Gotti’s artist who dissed Dolph in songs and threatened him in person. Escalated the Gotti/Dolph beef.

Corey McClendon – Gotti associate charged with attempted murder after Dolph’s 2017 shooting, but released without charges.

A Timeline of Key Events

  • 2014 – Yo Gotti attempts to sign Young Dolph to his label, but Dolph declines.

  • February 2016 – Dolph subliminally disses Gotti on Twitter after years of peace.

  • February 2016 – Dolph announces his debut album will be titled King of Memphis, angering Gotti.

  • March 2016 – Blac Youngsta, Gotti’s artist, threatens Dolph in person and in a diss track.

  • February 2017 – Dolph reignites the beef with explicit Gotti diss track “Play Wit Yo’ Bitch.”

  • February 2017 – Dolph’s SUV is shot at over 100 times in Charlotte, NC after escalating feud.

  • September 2017 – Dolph is shot outside a Hollywood store, leading to attempted murder charges against Gotti’s associate.

  • November 2021 – Young Dolph is tragically shot and killed in Memphis at age 36.

The long-running beef between Young Dolph and Yo Gotti captivated rap fans, illustrating the volatile relationships and deadly consequences beefs can bring about. While the two rappers never fully made amends, Dolph’s passing marked the end of a violent chapter in Memphis hip-hop history.

Yo Gotti vs Young Dolph Beef Explained


Is Blac Youngsta still signed with Yo Gotti?

After building his brand bar by bar and track by track ever since signing to Yo Gotti’s CMG imprint in 2015, Blac Youngsta has officially transitioned into a new deal. As reported, the 27-year-old rapper is the latest to ink a deal with Epic Records.

What is Yo Gotti’s net worth?

All told, Forbes estimates Gotti is worth around $100 million, but he still has plenty of hustle left. “If I never wrote another rap again, I’m financially straight,” he says. “My whole career, I was setting up for that.”

Who is Young Dolph signed to?

Young Dolph later revealed that he signed a distribution deal with Empire Distribution, and his September 2018 album Role Model was released under the label Paper Route Empire, a joint venture between Paper Route Empire and Empire Distribution.

Who is signed to CMG record label?

The label’s current president is Yo Gotti’s cousin, Brandon Mims. The label houses primarily Tennessee-based hip hop artists including Moneybagg Yo, Blac Youngsta, BlocBoy JB, and GloRilla, but is also home to artists including 42 Dugg, EST Gee, and Mozzy, among others.

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