Where to Get Beef Wellington – Top Places to Buy and Order Online

With its tender filet mignon wrapped in flaky puff pastry, beef wellington makes for an elegant and impressive meal. But where can you get high-quality beef wellington to serve at your next special dinner? While you can attempt to make it at home, ordering pre-made beef wellington ensures you get perfect results every time.

In this guide, learn the best places to buy prepared beef wellington online or pre-made at stores near you.

Ordering Beef Wellington Online

Getting beef wellington delivered right to your door is the easiest route for serving up this classic dish. Here are top retailers for ordering beef wellington online:

Kansas City Steaks

This premium steak delivery company offers individual beef wellington made with their hand-trimmed filet mignon nested in puff pastry. Their convenient pre-made beef wellington cooks up restaurant quality in 25-30 minutes. Order in packs of 2, 4, or 6.

Allen Brothers

Allen Brothers is a butcher shop known for their quality meats. Their individual beef wellington starts with their exceptionally tender filet mignon layered with duck liver pâté, black truffles, and mushrooms wrapped in golden pastry.

Omaha Steaks

For premium Nebraska beef, Omaha Steaks offers a classic beef wellington made with tender filet mignon wrapped in flaky puff pastry. Order as a 2-pack or a set with sides.


This online butcher also sells beef wellington made from filet mignon wrapped in puff pastry. Their convenient beef wellington portions feed 2-4 people.


For luxury ingredients, D’Artagnan’s beef wellington features Japanese wagyu beef with foie gras and black truffles in buttery pastry. An indulgent splurge for a special occasion.

Porter Road

Based in Nashville, Porter Road offers artisan beef wellington with grass-fed beef tenderloin topped with mushroom duxelles and wrapped in all-butter puff pastry. Order packs of 2 or 4.

For the convenience of delivery and guaranteed delicious results, ordering beef wellington online is the best route for serving this elegant dish.

Purchasing Pre-Made Beef Wellington In Stores

While less common, you may also be able to find prepared beef wellington in the freezer or prepared foods section of higher end grocery stores. Check at these stores:

Whole Foods Market

Some locations of Whole Foods offer prepared beef wellington in their freezer section or as a rotating prepared dish. Quality and details may vary by store.


Similar to Whole Foods, some Wegmans locations sell beef wellington in their frozen foods section or as part of their catering menu. Availability varies.


Costco has been known to carry frozen beef wellington made with filet mignon in a 2-pack, however availability is sporadic.

Sam’s Club

Like Costco, Sam’s Club may sometimes carry beef wellington seasonally, though it’s not a regular product. Check freezer section.

Local Butcher Shops

Ask your local butcher if they prepare frozen beef wellington in-house that you can preorder for special occasions.

You’re more likely to find beef wellington at higher end grocers or specialty food stores than your average supermarket. Call ahead to check availability.

Tips for Cooking Frozen Beef Wellington

If you do source pre-made beef wellington from a store, follow these tips for cooking frozen beef wellington to perfection:

  • Keep frozen until ready to cook. Thaw overnight in fridge if time allows.

  • Preheat oven to 400°F.

  • Bake frozen beef wellington on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper or lightly greased.

  • Bake around 30-50 minutes until golden brown on outside and center reaches 145°F.

  • Allow to rest at least 5 minutes before slicing to let filling set.

  • Cooking times vary based on portion size. Watch closely and use a meat thermometer.

  • Take care not to overcook or pastry can get soggy.

With the right handling, pre-made frozen beef wellington can offer excellent results.

Make Your Own Beef Wellington at Home

While ordering pre-made beef wellington is the foolproof route, you can also choose to create your own at home. Here are some tips:

  • Select a quality cut of filet mignon at your local butcher or meat market. Prime grade or tenderloin roast are ideal cuts.

  • Cook the beef until it reaches about 115-120°F internally before wrapping in pastry.

  • Assemble layers using proper technique like a thin crepe barrier, mushroom duxelle, liver pâté or prosciutto if desired, and puff pastry.

  • Ensure puff pastry is properly chilled before wrapping beef so it maintains structure during cooking without getting soggy.

  • Follow recipe closely including egg washes, scoring, and baking at high heat like 425°F to properly cook pastry and meat.

  • Use meat thermometer and cook until center of beef reaches 130-135°F for medium rare doneness.

Making your own high-quality beef wellington requires care and some practice. Ordering pre-made guarantees more consistent results.

Impress Guests with Elegant Beef Wellington

Serve up an impressive dinner of puff pastry-wrapped beef by getting your beef wellington from the top online retailers or specialty local stores. With prime meat and perfect assembly, beef wellington always makes for an elegant entrée. Pick from prime filet mignon, wagyu beef, or foie gras options based on your tastes and budget. Delivered to your door or picked up prepared, quality beef wellington is a sure way to wow your guests.

Frequency of Entities

  • Beef wellington: 23
  • Beef: 16
  • Filet mignon: 10
  • Puff pastry: 8
  • Online: 7
  • Order: 6
  • Stores: 5
  • Pre-made: 5
  • Baked: 4
  • Pastry: 4
  • Frozen: 4
  • Tender: 3
  • Roast: 3
  • Cook: 3
  • Delivery: 2
  • Elegant: 2
  • Dinner: 2
  • Special: 2

CHRISTMAS RECIPE: Christmas Beef Wellington


Do any supermarkets sell Beef Wellington?

Tesco Finest 30-Day matured Beef Wellington 0.9-1.2kg (Serves 4) – Tesco Groceries.

How much should a Beef Wellington cost?

A typical beef Wellington at a restaurant may cost you around $100 and can feed 2 people. Since the tenderloin was pre-seared and the puff pastry needs to bake and turn golden brown, the lowest temperature you could even serve it at is rare, which comes in at around 115° internally.

Can you buy a frozen Beef Wellington?

Beef Wellington (Filet of Beef w/Mushroom Duxelle En Croute) Each delicious Frozen Beef Wellington Appetizer is Made from a savory piece of filet of beef, accented with mushroom duxelle and wrapped in a French-style puff pastry. Buy our beef wellington online right now!

Who is best known for Beef Wellington?

Julia Child helped to make this dish famous in America when she prepared it on her TV show, The French Chef. Beef Wellington was also a favorite of Richard Nixon, which he served at state dinners.

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