The Evolution of Fast Food Slogans: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Fast food chains have used catchy and memorable slogans in advertising for decades. These simple taglines help build brand recognition and stick in customers’ minds. But as menus, trends, and business strategies evolve, so do marketing messages. Many iconic fast food slogans have disappeared over the years as chains adopt fresh positioning.

Let’s take a nostalgic walk down memory lane and explore some of the most famous fast food slogans from years past, as well as what chains use today.

McDonald’s: “You Deserve a Break Today”

One of the most acclaimed advertising slogans of all time, “You deserve a break today” was used by McDonald’s from 1971 into the 1990s. It focused on the idea that McDonald’s could provide a tasty, convenient escape from cooking at home. This slogan helped McDonald’s cement itself as an everyday treat.

Current Slogan: “I’m Lovin’ It” (2003-present)

Burger King: “Have It Your Way”

First used in 1974, Burger King’s famous “Have it your way” slogan promised customers their burgers would be made just how they like. This tapped into the rising trend of customized orders. BK used this slogan on and off for decades before officially retiring it in 2014.

Current Slogan: “Your Way” (2015-present)

Wendy’s: “Where’s the Beef?”

One of the most iconic fast food slogans featured elderly actress Clara Peller demanding to know “Where’s the beef?” in Wendy’s ads from 1984. This highlighted Wendy’s bigger burgers compared to competitors. The slogan boosted sales by over 30%.

Current Slogan: “Now That’s Better” (2022-present)

Subway: “$5 Footlong”

Subway’s “$5 Footlong” campaign in 2008 promoted subs for just $5. The simplistic but appealing slogan and associated pricing helped drive customers to Subway. The chain moved away from this deal in 2014 due to franchisee concerns.

Current Slogan: “Make It What You Want” (2016-present)

Taco Bell: “Think Outside the Bun”

Taco Bell used “Think outside the bun” from 1997 to 2012 to position itself as an alternative to burger chains. This edgy slogan tapped into its unique menu. It was replaced with “Live Más” in 2012 to rebrand Taco Bell as more upscale and lifestyle-oriented.

Current Slogan: “Live Más” (2012-present)

KFC: “Finger Lickin’ Good”

One of the longest running fast food slogans, KFC has used “Finger Lickin’ Good” on and off since the 1950s. It highlights the irresistible flavor of KFC’s fried chicken. The slogan disappeared for several years in the 1990s through early 2000s before being revived.

Current Slogan: “Finger Lickin’ Good” (1952-present)

Pizza Hut: “Make It Great”

Pizza Hut adopted “Make It Great” in 1983, promising quality ingredients to back up its bold flavor claims. Variations like “Makin’ it great!” and “We’re makin’ it great!” were used into the 1990s before being retired.

Current Slogan: “No One Outpizzas the Hut” (2020-present)

Domino’s: “Delivering a Million Smiles a Day”

Long before reinventing itself based on improved food quality, Domino’s used the slogan “Delivering a million smiles a day” in the 1980s and 1990s to highlight convenience and speedy delivery. It tapped into feel-good happiness from receiving a hot, fast pizza.

Current Slogan: “Oh Yes We Did” (2022-present)

Arby’s: “We Have the Meats”

Since 2014, Arby’s has used “We have the meats” to advertise its wide variety of proteins beyond roast beef, from chicken and bacon to brisket and corned beef. This masculine slogan targets meat lovers seeking quality protein.

Current Slogan: “We Have the Meats” (2014-present)

Dairy Queen: “That’s What I Like About Texas”

A play on the song “That’s What I Like About the South,” this slogan was used by Texan Dairy Queen franchises in the 1980s. It touted the big Texas-sized portions and bold flavors available at DQ. The jingle imprinted DQ as a Texas favorite.

Current Slogan: “Happy Tastes Good” (2007-present)

Sonic: “America’s Drive-In”

Sonic has long billed itself as “America’s Drive-In” due to its emphasis on old-fashioned carhop service even while offering modern conveniences. Its current “This is How We Sonic” campaign maintains the drive-in positioning.

Current Slogan: “This is How We Sonic” (2020-present)

Jack in the Box: “We Don’t Make It ‘Til You Order It”

Used in the 1970s and 1980s, “We don’t make it ’til you order it” highlighted Jack in the Box’s build-to-order model for made-to-order burgers and other items. This precursor to “fast casual” set it apart from burger chains relying on pre-made food.

Current Slogan: “Feed Your Happy” (2021-present)

The Evolution Continues

From “Where’s the beef?” to “Have it your way,” fast food slogans offer a nostalgic look back at decades of advertising messages. But the evolution continues as brands refresh slogans to fit new initiatives. The memorable taglines we grew up with have been replaced with new catchy phrases to attract modern customers. Though old slogans hold nostalgic value, new ones represent exciting new brand eras.

Fast Food Slogans That Completely Disappeared


What fast food chain uses the slogan Have it your way?

Burger King’s “Have It Your Way” campaign has been one of the most iconic marketing campaigns in the fast food industry. Launched in 1973, the campaign aimed to personalize the fast food experience, allowing customers to customize their orders to their liking.

Which fast food restaurant is known as slogan?

Famous Restaurant Slogans KFC – It’s finger lickin’ good. McDonald’s – I’m loving it. Subway – Eat fresh. Fridays – In here, It’s always Friday.

What restaurant chain had the slogan so good?

In February 2011, KFC announced plans to replace ‘It’s Finger Lickin’ Good’ with ‘So Good’.

What was McDonald’s slogan?

i’m lovin’ it” launched in 2003. 17 years later, it is still the McDonald’s slogan.

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