Why Is Beef Jerky So Expensive?

Due to the high cost of high-quality ingredients, non-automated processing, and required time, beef jerky is expensive.

One of the most delectable snacks available is beef jerky, but it can also be one of the priciest. This article delves into each of the aforementioned factors in detail and provides you with an inside look at what distinguishes our jerky from those that are more focused on mass production.

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Jed Jacobs @ Feb 09, 2023

Everybody who enjoys beef jerky has the same complaint: Why is beef jerky so expensive? It’s so tasty and addictive, but sometimes it’s difficult to find money for such a snack. We truly understand, which is one of the reasons we work to keep our beef jerky prices lower than the majority. To make it simpler for you, not to undercut our rivals Even so, beef jerky is expensive. Because it takes a lot of high-quality meat to produce a small amount of jerky, the process requires resources and labor, and beef jerky producers frequently purchase from the beef industry, where the price of beef can be high, beef jerky is very expensive.

Why Is Beef Jerky So Expensive?

It takes a lot of meat to make a little jerky, which is one factor contributing to the high cost of beef jerky. Think about when youre cooking up a hamburger. The hamburger loses water and fat as it cooks, but there is still some by the time it is finished. It starts out one size and shrinks as it cooks, but there are still plenty of juices left (if you do it right). When we make our jerky, we dry the meat until it almost completely lacks fat and water. Consider the size difference between a cooked burger and one that hasn’t been cooked. Imagine a large piece of beef being used to make just one piece of jerky.

Beef Jerky is an Expensive Process

The method and tools required to produce beef jerky are additional factors that contribute to its high cost. Using a smoker or even your oven, you can make beef jerky at home, but doing so on a large scale and selling hundreds of pounds of it takes a lot of labor, equipment, and time. The high cost of beef jerky is due in part to the numerous expenses involved in producing it.

Beef for Jerky Can Be Expensive to Buy

For those who source their beef from outside sources, making beef jerky can be costly. If consumers purchase their beef from outside vendors in the beef market, they must change the price of the beef jerky to reflect what they must pay. To give our customers the best prices possible, we at Top Notch Jerky grow our own beef for a number of reasons. We own and manage every aspect of our business, from raising cattle to selling jerky, which enables us to avoid the costs associated with using middlemen (ranchers, processors, and retailers). To make our beef jerky less expensive, we simply bring the beef from our cows to you.

Getting Bang for Your Buck

Although beef jerky is pricey, it is worthwhile if you want to reap certain health benefits. Just 1 oz of beef jerky has about 7 grams of protein, about 13-14% of your daily intake of protein As a result, it is more cost-effective because you don’t need to consume much of it to reap the benefits.

Our Beef Jerky is Less Expensive

In our store, we have our jerky priced at $9. 99 for 10 oz, or $4. 25 for 3. 25 oz, which costs less than most beef jerky brands. The next time you ask yourself, “Why is beef jerky so expensive?” you can remind yourself that it’s a lot less expensive here and head over to Top Notch Jerky for some quality, affordable je.

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The Real Reason Beef Jerky Is So Expensive


Why are jerky prices so high?

Because it takes a lot of high-quality meat to produce a small amount of jerky, the process consumes resources and employees’ time, and producers of beef jerky frequently purchase from the beef industry, where the price of beef can be high, beef jerky is very expensive.

Is it cheaper to make or buy beef jerky?

Making your own beef jerky at home is not only incredibly easy, but it is also significantly less expensive than purchasing jerky from a store. Additionally, you will have complete control over the ingredients used to make it; no strange stabilizers or unidentifiable additives will be used.

Why is dried beef so expensive?

Due to trimming loss and decreased yields following drying time, as well as how time-consuming the process is, dry-aged beef is more expensive. Due to significant moisture loss and trimming, the beef weighs significantly less after the dry-aging process is complete.

Did beef jerky prices go up?

The Reasons that Beef Jerky is So Expensive By June of 2021, the cost of beef cuts used to make jerky went up 100% and the scarcity of supplies and shortages of employees in factories and businesses made it even more challenging and so jerky and other snack products hit new higher price levels

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