Who Did Drakeo the Ruler Have Beef With?

Drakeo the Ruler was a rising rap star from Los Angeles who was fatally stabbed backstage at a music festival in December 2021 at age 28. In the months leading up to his tragic death, Drakeo was embroiled in a heated feud with fellow LA rapper YG. This beef shed light on simmering tensions within the California rap scene.

Drakeo the Ruler’s Background

To understand Drakeo’s beef with YG, it helps to first learn about his background. Drakeo, real name Darrell Caldwell, grew up in South Central LA. He started releasing mixtapes in 2015 and developed a devoted following with his unique flow and inventive slang.

Drakeo’s 2017 mixtape Cold Devil was a breakout success, showcasing his talent for crafting catchy hooks and clever bars. But legal troubles derailed his career when he was jailed in 2016 on a dubious gang conspiracy charge. Drakeo beat the case after three years and picked up where he left off, collaborating with artists like Drake.

YG – Drakeo’s Chief West Coast Rival

As Drakeo climbed the ranks, he found himself at odds with YG, a fixture of the LA rap scene. YG, whose real name is Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson, emerged in 2009 with the hit “Toot It and Boot It.” His 2014 debut My Krazy Life went platinum and cemented his status.

But while YG exemplified the classic West Coast G-funk sound, Drakeo was intent on forging his own lane. The rappers grew suspicious of each other as they vied for primacy in LA. Drakeo mocked YG as stale and one-dimensional, while YG dismissed Drakeo as a pretender ignoring traditions.

How the Beef Played Out Publicly

In early 2021, tensions boiled over as Drakeo and YG openly traded disses online and in songs.

  • January 2021 – YG appeared on The Bootleg Kev Podcast and mocked Drakeo’s affiliations, dismissing him as a marginal figure.

  • February 2021 – Drakeo responded angrily on Instagram Live, warning YG to stop mentioning him or there would be consequences.

  • March 2021 – Drakeo referenced the feud on his song “GTA VI”, threatening violence against YG.

  • April 2021 – YG seemed to respond by previewing a Drakeo diss track on IG Live, though it was never officially released.

The provocations caused many to worry the LA rap beef could spiral into real-world violence between their associates. Some close to Drakeo blamed YG for instigating the conflict.

Was YG Involved in Drakeo’s Death?

On December 18, 2021, Drakeo was fatally stabbed backstage at the Once Upon a Time in LA festival, where he and YG were both slated to perform.

Given their history, many immediately questioned if YG was connected to the stabbing. The LAPD questioned YG but ruled out his involvement as the investigation unfolded.

While Drakeo and YG had their differences, authorities found no evidence indicating YG or his crew were culpable in the killing. The lead investigators stated there was “nothing credible” linking YG to the incident.

Aftermath of Drakeo’s Killing

The tragic murder of Drakeo the Ruler cut short the career of a promising young rapper. It also demonstrated how beefs within the hip hop world can breed deadly consequences.

Though YG was cleared, the LAPD continues probing Drakeo’s connections to identify potential motives and suspects. No arrests have been made as of early 2023.

For LA rap fans, Drakeo’s death is still mourned as a senseless loss. YG paid tribute by acknowledging Drakeo’s talents and penning an open letter saying:

“We had a dumb back n forth beef.. that could’ve been easily avoided! Your music was different! And you was definitely on your way! This sh*t foul!”

The lingering mystery over the stabbing shows how hip hop beefs can turn violent when rappers and their crews take lyrics and grudges too seriously. Sadly, Drakeo paid the ultimate price over what began as a petty rivalry rooted more in hype than substance.

Drakeo’s Other Beefs and Feuds

Besides YG, Drakeo had other opponents and detractors throughout his come-up. A review of his key beefs provides more context around the figures who potentially wished him harm:


  • Fellow LA rapper who dissed Drakeo in songs and interviews throughout 2018-2019
  • Felt Drakeo was disrespectful toward LA OGs by not paying dues and flouting traditions
  • Drakeo responded aggressively on tracks like “Freaky Tales”

The Stinc Team

  • Drakeo had a long-running feud with this LA rap collective
  • Beef stemmed from territorial disputes over who really ran the streets
  • Disses flew back and forth on tracks like Drakeo’s “Ion Rap Beef”

Red Bull

  • In October 2020 Red Bull banned Drakeo from performing at their event in LA due to his gang ties
  • Drakeo slammed them for racial discrimination against a black rapper

Rappers Claiming “Stinc/Stinc Team”

  • Drakeo took issue with rappers like ALLBLACK, Tedyandre, and 1TakeJay using the “Stinc Team” moniker
  • Felt they appropriated his crew’s name without proper ties or permission
  • Took legal action trying to trademark “Stinc Team”

While none of these feuds directly sparked violence, they demonstrate Drakeo had stepped on toes across the LA scene. The long list of opposers gives detectives plenty of angles to explore in identifying potential suspects in his killing.


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Did Drakeo have a funeral?

Drakeo The Ruler was laid to rest on Tuesday (Feb. 15) in his hometown of Los Angeles almost two months after he was fatally stabbed at the Once Upon A Time in LA music festival. Hundreds gathered to mourn the 28-year-old rapper at his open-casket funeral service at the Greater Emmanuel Temple Church.

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