Why Is A Beef Burger Called A Hamburger?

The short answer is that it came from Hamburg, Germany. And when you consider it, that is just plain strange because the frankfurter (a k. a. the hot dog) originated in Frankfurt, Germany (for more information, see What are hot dogs made of?). One wonders why French fries prevailed over German fries. The origins of … Read more

How Long To Thaw A Beef Tenderloin?

How to defrost meat safely: Please note, all of these recommendations come from the USDA’s Food Safety & Inspection Services. # Refrigerator thawing (the best method) Refrigerator thawing is our go-to method for defrosting meat. Although it necessitates some planning in advance, it is the safest method of defrosting. Additionally, using this method is safe … Read more

How Long To Cook Beef Stew In Crock Pot?

The beef is SO TENDER and the stew is rich, chunky, and hearty—everyone’s favorite cozy beef stew! On a chilly night, nothing is genuinely more comforting than a hearty beef stew. And it tastes even better after simmering for 7-8 hours on low heat in your crockpot. This recipe requires no babysitting, other than searing … Read more