can turkey tail cause diarrhea

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Special Precautions and Warnings

    Moderate Interaction

    Be cautious with this combination

  • The way that cyclophosphamide interacts with TURKEY TAIL MUSHROOMPSP, a compound present in turkey tail mushrooms, may alter the rate at which the drug is eliminated from the body. This could reduce its effectiveness and increase its side effects.
  • TURKEY TAIL MUSHROOM: Drugs used to treat diabetes (antidiabetes medications) interact with the mushroom, which may lower blood sugar levels. When taking diabetes medicine and turkey tail mushroom together, blood sugar levels may fall too low. Monitor your blood sugar closely.
  • TURKEY TAIL MUSHROOM and TAXIFEN (Nolvadex) Interactions: Taking turkey tail mushroom with tamoxifen could alter how it functions in the body or lessen its effects.

    Minor Interaction

    Be watchful with this combination

  • The liver alters and breaks down certain medications, which interact with Turkey Tail Mushroom. These medications are substrates of cytochrome P450 2C9. Turkey tail mushroom contains a chemical called PSP, which may alter how quickly the liver breaks down these prescription drugs. This might alter these drugs’ effects and adverse effects.


  • Cancer. Oral administration of polysaccharide krestin (PSK), a compound present in turkey tail mushrooms, has been shown to marginally enhance chemotherapy response in certain cancer patients.
  • There is interest in using turkey tail mushroom for a number of other purposes, but there isnt enough reliable information to say whether it might be helpful.

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Can turkey tail supplements cause diarrhea?

Even though it has a good safety profile, it’s important to speak with your doctor before supplementing with turkey tail mushroom. Turkey tail mushroom may result in side effects, such as diarrhea, gas, dark fingernails and vomiting.

Is turkey tail good for IBS?

Beta-Glucans and Inflammation Chronic inflammation in the gut can lead to conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis. Beta-glucans in turkey tail have been found to reduce inflammation in the gut lining.

Is turkey tail mushroom hard on the liver?

Historically, turkey tail mushrooms have been used in traditional Chinese medicine to help with liver disorders like jaundice. Recent studies have found that turkey tail mushroom extracts have a protective effect against liver damage, like damage caused by excessive alcohol intake.

Can turkey tail mushrooms cause diarrhea?

If you experience diarrhea after ingesting turkey tail mushrooms, we recommend either lowering the dosage or stopping your intake for two to three days. If you continue to struggle, there are a few tricks to help combat it: Boil one cup of rice in two cups of water for about 10 minutes. The water should be cloudy.

Can one eat turkey sandwich with diarrhea?

Ideally, you should avoid processed and very fatty foods, such as ready-made sauces, fried foods and sausages, as well as foods that can cause the production of gases. During diarrhea it is important to prioritize easily digestible foods, lean meats, such as chicken and fish; and peeled fruits, which will help with digestion, control the volume of bowel movements and relieve stomach pain.

What are the side effects of taking turkey tail?

If you’re allergic to mushrooms or mold, you may be among the few who experience adverse side effects after taking turkey tail, including trouble breathing, throat swelling, or skin rashes. If this happens, seek medical help immediately.

Is turkey tail bad for You?

Have diabetes: Turkey tail may lower blood sugar levels and cause levels to drop too low when taken with diabetes medications. Are allergic to mushrooms: Turkey tail is a fungus and should be avoided by anyone with mushroom or mold allergies. Children should also avoid turkey tail, as its safety has not been studied in minors.

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