schitts creek turkey shoot 2

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Plot Summary[]

As a joke, Stevie asks David to participate in Roland’s yearly turkey shoot after David fails to kill an insect in his motel room. To prove that he is nothing like Stevie believes him to be, David accepts. David can only find relief from the horror of the day by doing something else with his thoughts, and Moira is able to provide that. Jocelyn takes Moira to Janines, an Elmdale salon, for a girls’ day out since she appears to be under stress. Moira comes out of that situation even more stressed for a specific reason. Jocelyn may have a better handle on Moira than the latter thought. And Ted, the veterinarian, asks Alexis out on a date. Despite her admiration for Ted’s good looks and his status as a “doctor,” she believes that Ted’s greatest use is as a prop to enrage Mutt.

Schitt’s Creek – David Bugs Out


What was Twyla’s secret on Schitt’s Creek?

At the end of season six, it is revealed that at around the start of the series, Twyla had won $92 million in the lottery, splitting the fortune in half with another person, leaving her with 46 million.

Why did Mutt disappear from Schitt’s Creek?

Mutt’s departure as a regular cast member following Schitt’s Creek season 2 is due to the fact that Rozon landed a starring role on Wynonna Earp. There simply wasn’t time for Rozon to appear on both shows.

What episode does David go hunting?

S1 E7: David agrees to go on a turkey hunt with Stevie and some local Creekers to show off his manliness.

How old is Alexis in Schitt’s Creek Season 2?

David was approximately 31 years old at the beginning of Schitt’s Creek and 35 years old at the end. Alexis was around 27 years old at the start of Schitt’s Creek and around 31 years old at the end.

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