What Is The Minimum Cooking Temperature For Ground Beef?

In order to prevent foodborne illness, it is crucial to follow safe food handling, cooking, and storage procedures. harmful bacteria that could make you sick are invisible and tasteless. Follow these four instructions to ensure food safety at every stage of food preparation:

Before removing food from the heat source, all food must be cooked to these minimum internal temperatures as determined by a food thermometer. Customers may decide to cook food at higher temperatures out of personal preference.


Safe Minimum Internal Temperature Chart for Cooking

Food Type Internal Temperature (°F)
Beef, bison, veal, goat, and lamb Steaks, roasts, chops 145Rest time: 3 minutes
Ground meat and sausage 160
Casseroles Meat and meatless 165
Chicken, turkey, and other poultry All: whole bird, breasts, legs, thighs, wings, ground poultry, giblets, sausage, and stuffing inside poultry 165
Eggs Raw eggs Cook until yolk and white are firm
Egg dishes (such as frittata, quiche) 160
Casseroles (containing meat and poultry) 165
Ham Raw ham 145Rest time: 3 minutes
Precooked ham (to reheat) 165Note: Reheat cooked hams packaged in USDA-inspected plants to 140°F
Leftovers Any type 165
Pork Steaks, roasts, chops 145Rest time: 3 minutes
Ground meat and sausage 160
Rabbit and venison Wild or farm-raised 160
Seafood Fish (whole or filet), such as salmon, tuna, tilapia, pollock, bass, cod, catfish, trout, etc. 145 or cook until flesh is no longer translucent and separates easily with a fork
Shrimp, lobster, crab, and scallops Cook until flesh is pearly or white, and opaque
Clams, oysters, mussels Cook until shells open during cooking

Cooking 101: Proper cooking Temperatures to Ensure Safe Food – White Apron Catering, Lake Worth, Fl


What is the minimum internal cooking temperature for ground beef Servsafe?

Product Minimum Internal Temperature Chart for Safe Conditions Ground Meats160 °F (71 °C) and allow to rest for at least 3 minutes 1 °C)Ground Poultry165 °F.

Why must ground beef be cooked at 155 F?

E. Each year, coli, a bacteria frequently found in raw ground beef, causes a large number of foodborne illnesses. These germs are frequently found in ground beef hamburgers. If burgers aren’t properly cooked (to a temperature high enough to kill the germs), they may contain these bacteria that can make people ill.

What foods must be cooked to a minimum of 155 degrees?

Ground meat, including beef, pork, and other meats, must reach an internal temperature of 155°F (68°C) for 17 seconds. Injected meat—including brined ham and flavor-injected roasts. Mechanically tenderized meat. Ground seafood—including chopped or minced seafood. Eggs that will be hot-held for service.

Can you eat ground beef at 130 degrees?

But for real meat lovers, 140°F is still too high. The fact of the matter is that if you completely avoid what Bruce Aidells refers to as “the germ-filled environment of the butcher shop or packinghouse,” you can safely grill and eat a moist, juicy hamburger at 130°F internal temperature (medium rare).

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