Where Can I Order Corned Beef and Cabbage? A Guide to Getting This Classic Dish Delivered

Corned beef and cabbage is a classic Irish-American dish that has become a staple for many on St. Patrick’s Day and beyond. This hearty, flavorful meal features tender corned beef paired with cabbage, carrots, potatoes and other vegetables that have been slowly cooked together. While corned beef and cabbage is traditionally known as an homecooked dish, more and more restaurants are offering it for takeout and delivery. So if you don’t have time to make it from scratch, you can still get all the flavors of this satisfying dish delivered right to your door.

Ordering Corned Beef and Cabbage for Delivery

There are several easy options for ordering corned beef and cabbage for delivery or takeout from local restaurants and national delivery services:

  • Use a food delivery app – Popular third-party apps like DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats allow you to browse menus of restaurants in your area and order food for delivery. You can easily search for “corned beef and cabbage” to find which spots near you offer it.

  • Order directly from a restaurant – Many local pubs, delis and Irish restaurants will have corned beef and cabbage on their regular menu. Check their website or call to place a takeout order.

  • Order a corned beef kit for DIY – Some butcher shops and meal kit companies like Porter Road will ship you an already-cooked corned beef and the veggies needed so you can quickly assemble it yourself.

  • Look for special delivery around St. Patrick’s Day – Keep an eye out for restaurants and delivery services that offer special corned beef and cabbage delivery around March 17th when demand is highest.

Tips for Getting the Best Delivery Experience

If you choose to have corned beef and cabbage delivered, follow these tips to ensure you get a tasty meal:

  • Order early – Give the restaurant plenty of notice, at least a few hours or the day before if possible. Corned beef takes hours to cook, so they need time to prepare.

  • Specify portions – Pick the portion size that best suits your needs, whether that’s individual plates or a family-style dish.

  • Request any sides – Don’t forget to order side dishes like Irish soda bread, potatoes, carrots and cabbage.

  • Ask about reheating – Some dishes may come fully cooked and just need reheating. Get instructions so it turns out perfectly.

  • Tip well – Be sure to thank the driver and tip generously, especially if you order around busy times like St. Patrick’s Day.

Where to Order Corned Beef and Cabbage Delivery

From Irish pubs to delivery apps, there are many great options for ordering corned beef and cabbage. Here are some top places to get it delivered:

Irish Pubs and Restaurants

Local Irish bars and eateries are natural choices for getting corned beef and cabbage delivered. Here are some popular picks:

  • Fado Irish Pub – National chain with locations across the US. Offers traditional corned beef plates and sandwiches.

  • The Harp and Crown – Irish gastropub with various locations in midwest states. Features house-braised corned beef specials.

  • Paddy’s Pub – Irish pub chain found in Florida, New York and other states. Sells plates of sliced corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes.

  • The Blarney Stone – Local pubs with this name can be found in various cities. Check if yours delivers their homemade corned beef.

Delivery Services

Third-party delivery apps make it easy to get corned beef and cabbage from local eateries delivered to your door:

  • DoorDash – Large national delivery service. Search for “corned beef and cabbage” to see available options in your area.

  • Grubhub – Another leading food delivery app. Find restaurants offering corned beef dinners for delivery.

  • Uber Eats – On-demand delivery app. Browse for Irish/American spots with corned beef and cabbage plates.

  • Postmates – Delivery service in many metro areas. Allows ordering food from various local spots.

Meal Kits

For DIY, order a corned beef kit with all the fixings from:

  • Porter Road – Butcher and meal delivery service. Offers cooked corned beef brisket kit to assemble at home.

  • Albertsons – Grocery delivery service in many states. Sells DIY corned beef bundles with meats, veggies and seasoning.

  • Thrive Market – Online grocery with corned beef kits. Contains pre-cooked corned beef, potatoes, carrots and seasonings.

Make It a Delicious St. Patrick’s Day

Craving classic corned beef and cabbage but don’t have time to cook it? With more restaurants and delivery services offering this Irish-American dish, it’s easier than ever to get it delivered piping hot right to your door. Order early from a local pub, use a food delivery app or get a DIY kit – whatever you choose, you’ll be able to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with all the flavors of this hearty specialty. Sláinte!

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How healthy is corned beef and cabbage?

High in protein, zinc, B-vitamins and thiamin, a 3-oz. serving of corned beef has 210 calories. Like any beef, it’s high in fat, so limit your portion and enjoy every bite! Cabbage.

What’s the best corned beef to buy for corned beef and cabbage?

The preferred cut of corned beef is a flat brisket. There are two kinds of prepared corned beef: with or without nitrates.

Can you buy premade corned beef?

Great Value Corned Beef comes fully cooked and ready to enjoy, so you can focus your time and efforts on more important things.

What country is known for corned beef and cabbage?

The Irish immigrants also realized that cabbage was a more readily available vegetable in America than in Ireland, where it was traditionally a fall and winter vegetable. So they combined the corned beef with cabbage to create a hearty, filling meal that was reminiscent of their homeland.

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