What Restaurants Sell Beef Wellington? A Guide to Finding This Classic Dish

Beef wellington is a classic dish that you don’t see on many restaurant menus these days. This tender filet mignon wrapped in mushroom duxelle, prosciutto, and puff pastry can be an elegant entrée for a special occasion or romantic date night. But with its intricate preparation, beef wellington is labor-intensive for restaurants to make. So where can you still find restaurants that offer this iconic meal?

An Overview of Beef Wellington

Before diving into where to find beef wellington, let’s overview what exactly this dish is. Here are the key components that make up a classic beef wellington:

  • Filet Mignon – The tender cut of beef tenderloin is what gives beef wellington its succulence and flavor. The filet is seasoned, seared and then wrapped in the other components.

  • Mushroom Duxelle – A finely chopped mushroom mixture, cooked down into a paste-like consistency with shallots and herbs. It provides an earthy, umami flavor.

  • Prosciutto – Thin slices of dry-cured ham that wrap around the seared filet before applying the duxelle layer. This adds a slightly salty, savory note.

  • Puff Pastry – Light and flaky puff pastry wraps around all the components, which bakes up golden brown in the oven. The crisp pastry contrasts the tender beef inside.

When done well, these elements combine into a flavorful, texturally intriguing dish. The meat stays a perfect medium rare while the pastry cooks up flaky and golden. So where can you find a restaurant that does beef wellington right?

Upscale Steakhouses

For a traditional take on beef wellington, upscale steakhouses are a good bet. While it’s not common on most steakhouse menus, some specialize in classic preparations like beef wellington. Here are some top steakhouses to find excellent beef wellington:

  • Capital Grille – This national upscale steakhouse chain offers beef wellington at many of its locations across America. It’s prepared classically with filet mignon, mushroom duxelle and truffle butter.

  • Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse – Another steakhouse chain providing beef wellington at select locations. It’s made with premium filet mignon wrapped in a flaky, buttery crust.

  • The Prime Rib – With locations in Maryland and Washington D.C., this old-school steakhouse is renowned for its tableside carved prime rib but also offers a traditional beef wellington.

  • St. Elmo Steak House – An iconic Indianapolis steakhouse that’s been around since 1902. Their specialty is dry-aged steaks but beef wellington is also handmade in-house with care.

French Restaurants

Given that beef wellington has French roots, French restaurants unsurprisingly have a flair for preparing this dish. Here are some French restaurants where you may find beef wellington making an appearance:

  • Le Diplomate – This trendy French brasserie in D.C. has beef wellington starring on their dinner menu, served alongside vegetables and sauce bordelaise.

  • L’Auberge Chez François – A fine dining French restaurant in Virginia offering a traditionally made beef wellington using premier ingredients.

  • Brasserie by Niche – At this French brasserie in St. Louis, their take on beef wellington uses a filet mignon from a local farm.

  • Bar Boulud – Chef Daniel Boulud’s French bistro often features beef wellington as a seasonal special, made impeccably with imported French ingredients.

Contemporary Restaurants

While you’ll find classic takes on beef wellington at old-school steakhouses and French restaurants, some contemporary restaurants are also putting modern spins on this dish:

  • Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen – The Las Vegas restaurant by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay serves an intricately prepared beef wellington flavored with truffles and fois gras.

  • Scarpetta – This chic Italian restaurant in New York City wraps tenderloin with prosciutto and black truffle paste in their unique beef wellington.

  • Farmhouse Inn – This Wine Country inn makes a California-inspired beef wellington with Sonoma mushrooms and pastry flavored with smoked bacon and thyme.

  • J six – The sophisticated restaurant at Hotel Indigo San Diego does a southwestern style beef wellington with Hatch chiles in the duxelle and serrano ham.

Ordering Tips

Beef wellington is a dish you’ll typically need to pre-order since it requires some prep work on the restaurant’s part. Here are some tips for ordering:

  • Check if it’s on the regular menu or a seasonal special only. If seasonal, ask when it’s available.

  • Make reservations in advance and specify you want the beef wellington. Give them a heads up.

  • Order ahead if you can – some restaurants will even let you order a few days in advance.

  • Expect it to be a pricier, special-occasion entrée due to the required ingredients and preparation.

  • Order it medium rare – cooking beyond that can make the tenderloin meat dry.

With its retro appeal and lavish ingredients, beef wellington makes for an elegant, celebratory meal. While it’s rare on menus today, you can still seek out this iconic dish at certain upscale steakhouses, French restaurants and contemporary venues putting a modern spin on this classic. Savor beef wellington on your next special dining occasion by looking to the restaurants highlighted here. Just remember to order ahead to ensure you’ll be able to enjoy this beefy delicacy.

Trying Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington


Who is best known for Beef Wellington?

Julia Child helped to make this dish famous in America when she prepared it on her TV show, The French Chef. Beef Wellington was also a favorite of Richard Nixon, which he served at state dinners.

Do any supermarkets sell Beef Wellington?

Tesco Finest 2 Beef Wellingtons 505G – Tesco Groceries.

Where is Beef Wellington eaten?

The Duke received is title after defeating Napoleon Bonaparte in the Battle of Waterloo. The dish is typically made with beef sirloin wrapped in a mushroom and/or foie gras mixture and sealed in flaky pastry. It features in restaurants from London to Lisbon, New York to Nagasaki.

How much should a Beef Wellington cost?

A typical beef Wellington at a restaurant may cost you around $100 and can feed 2 people. Since the tenderloin was pre-seared and the puff pastry needs to bake and turn golden brown, the lowest temperature you could even serve it at is rare, which comes in at around 115° internally.

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